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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A day in Time Square


So as for you to know, i just finished my PASUM life..!!

yupp..that's how happy i am
Im writing this entry quite late, a week late to be honest.the reason is is just broke my beloved ACER laptop with my stupidity..!!

clearly written on the forehead
a snap picture from my ACER laptop
guess who stupid enough to put a "mouse" on the keyboard then slam the laptop?
base on my survey with a few respondent, yupp..i shouldnt breed..lulz

so currently im using my little brother laptop..=).enough with that already..lets get back to why im making this entry..about my day in Time Square..

That day suppose to be some kind of day to celebrate the end of PASUM with my roommate, Zul Helmi. we actually planned to go out together with to of we are not gay you dumbass..i just wanna treat him with Subway and a movie..because he's not that wealthy kind of person..yupp i know Subway and movie ticket is no costly but to him, yes..

but instead, he invited his classmate,which i not friend with, to join us...=\ when we get there, we went separate way...i on my own and he with his classmate went to the theme park.

so. me on my own, walking alone in the shopping mall with particular things to do..i then got myself to watch a movie, The Host
not so good..give it 5.9 out of 10
well, it just more romance than action..i tought when it involves some alien invasion, rebellion, it will involves more fight,killing,shooting, pew pew pew~~~

btw Saoirse Ronan smoking hot..!!

and guess what i also found a GUNDAM STORE..!! hurrahhh!!

i include some pics from the store..out of many Gundam series anime, i really fond of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny series..i just love the character, the mobile suit,story line and the moral..goddamn it..i rate it better than Dragon Balls, Fairy Tail and Digimon..

i got enough money to buy on of it during that time..but i dont..fear of i might end up not finish i regret my decision..i should had buy least the Strike Freedom one which i madly in love with...there was a sale during that time..average price of the action model was around RM80-150..=\

before i went back to Kolej 12, UM..i got myself 2 1-foot long for myself and the other for my roommate as a treat..i actually in the first place want to get him a T-shirt or something as a farewell gift..but in the end i realized that he never tasted the Subway for the whole his life..!!

so bought the most pricey one for the two of us...=)..and when i gave it when we arrived at our room, guess what? he finished it in less than 5 minutes..!! lulz...


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